Moxibustion treatment (Jiuliao in Chinese) is a form of heat therapy in which dried materials (Mug wort) are used as moxa. 

During the treatment, the practitioner burns it on or close to certain acu-points to warm the surface of the skin with the intention of invigorating and warming the flow of Qi (energy) and blood in the channels/meridians. It also helps to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow, expel pathogenic influence such as cold, Qi and blood stasis.

Moxa can help stop internal bleeding, warm up the womb particularly for gynaecological issues such as prolonged menstrual bleeding and alleviate menstrual pain usually alongside acupuncture treatment.

Most of the time, moxa is used for pain management. This includes arthritic pain which increases with cold; digestive issues; migraines and headaches; gynaecological issues with breech position of the foetus. Regular moxa treatment can boost immunity by increasing your protection Qi.