Tuina is a therapeutic massage used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It has been practised in China over thousands of years. Practitioners work on the surface of the body to stimulate major points to achieve and improve the body’s natural healing process through tension release, Qi and Blood circulation.

Tuina massage can be deep, penetrating and vigorous, relaxing and calming, or a combination - it depends upon the condition being treated and your own preferences. It can be performed through light clothing or directly on the skin.

During the treatment, the Tuina practitioner will stimulate different Acu-points to unblock many meridians or channels thus breaking down adhesions. Now, Tuina has played a very important role in the Chinese medical world over taking Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy in China.

Tuina is suitable for children and adults, including older people who may be more frail, and is of particular benefit to anyone who does not like needles. I most commonly combine it with acupuncture when treating headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain and other muscle and joint problems and for relaxation at the end of a treatment.